Welcome to Retro Lovely's home on the web. Retro Lovely is unlike anything else currently available today. Our regular issues are without question the largest collections of pinup imagery you will find today, unless you're looking at buying a book and often people will remark that Retro Lovely is closer to a book, than a magazine. For starters our regular issues exceed 120 pages each. Then there's the quality. Quality in the images as we are very particular about what we publish and quality in materials as we feel those images deserve to be reproduced as well as possible. Our printing specifications have us using a state of the art facility coupled with materials normally associated with art-books than the thin newsprint you'll find with most magazines. Our issues are free from editorial of event coverage, product reviews and very very lean on advertising (which itself is often on par with the art we feature). These points have us claim "The Most Pinup Anywhere" (in print of course). If you find yourself flipping through your favoritve lifestyle publication, be it pinup, hotrod etc... wishing to see more of the pinup imagery those may feature... Retro Lovely is for you. Our issues are highly prized and as we keep selling through have gained in collector's value. So significant has that all become that we began offering a money back guarantee. If you try a copy and don't love it, we'll give you your money back. Funny thing about that too is that if you waited long enough we might actually give you more than what you paid for the copy. Currently 4 of our issues command premium prices beyond the original cover price and 2 of those, Issue No.1 and Taboo Edition No.1 are bringing $50 and $75 each from us if you should have a mint copy and wish to part with it.

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Retro Lovely Magazine is a high quality publication for the enthusiast of pinup photography. High quality in content and materials both. "It's more like a book" is the phrase you will most hear people exclaim when they get their hands on an issue. So exceptional has its launch been that the first two issues have virtually sold out with remaining inventory soon to be reserved for first printing boxed sets. Retro Lovely Magazine is the without equal. Do support other pinup magazines, each is unique and has something different to offer. But start your collection with each issue of Retro Lovely, they are the ones you'll return to again and again.

In an era where printed publications seem to be a thing of the past and one magazine folds as another multi-title conglomerate sacrifices a masthead like a wild animal caught in a trap might gnaw off its own limb for survival ... At a time when big electronics corporations battle to produce “the” electronic means with which to deal a final deathblow to newspapers, magazines and (dare we say it?) … books … Why would anyone in their right mind launch a new magazine?

Because some of us live in a different era. Some of us live with one foot in the past while others live in a surreal, quasi-past -- one where Buddy Holly’s Peggy Sue emanates from an MP3 player connected to the stereo of a flat black Merc with a Betty Page air freshener bouncing wildly from the rear view mirror like some alternative reality hula-dancer. We’re launching a new magazine because there is an ever growing army of fans of pinup as well as an impressive corps of artists producing an amazing body of work that is best served by this antiquated medium of ink on paper. We also want to ensure this art lives on, long after this internet fad blows over or some rogue state finally secures a nuke of their own, tripping off what we feared all along during the cold war and the power grid finally goes down for the count. It may be that a new bio-weapon, silicon-eating microorganism is developed that feeds on our precious electronics like they were candy, or simply that a solar flare hits, unplugging us from our high speed, Wi-Fi, 3g dependencies. If any such revolutionary catastrophe occurs, the pages of Retro Lovely will become very valuable indeed. Save the smart phone though; it should make a suitable paperweight.

Welcome to Retro Lovely.

This magazine will cater to no one single pinup style. It will bring you Classic Cheesecake, Hollywood Noir, Cabaret, Burlesque, Victorian, Deco, Kitschy, Atomic, Bad Part of Town Rust Queen and every conceivable cross-pollination of these you can imagine. You will find models with and without ink in all manner of settings with all manner of props. You see, Peggy Sue got married and had a little girl and then a granddaughter and now that young lady is a lawyer, but on the weekends she’s a Roller Derby Queen and goes by the name Peggy SoSueMe. She also models and has a devoted fan base who wants nothing more than to pin up her photo as they lead their quasi-past lives.



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